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Pool enclosures

Before you make a final decision to purchase a pool many of you ask yourself whether in our climatic zone is worth to buy a pool? Will I have time to clean my pool? Does the water in the pool reaches and maintains proper temperature?
The answer is simple, when you buy a swimming pool in a set with a pool enclosure, you won’t have to worry about this anymore. Just like the indoor pools owners can continuously use their pools for the whole year, having a pool enclosure can extend the use of the pool up to 9 months of the year!
All pool enclosures which are provided by us are the European products of the highest quality! Swimming pool canopy advantages:
1 SAFETY. Open swimming is a major threat to children and pets. Pool canopy helps us to protect our loved ones.
2 WATER TEMPERATURE. Water under the shelter can raise up by itself even for few degrees. Evaporation of water is also decreased. Pool canopy also prevents water from cooling at night and cooler days.
3. BATH SEASON EXTENSION. With the pool enclosure swimming season can be extended up to 9 months of the year.

1. CLEANLINESS OF WATER. No contaminants are falling into the water. Keeping the pool water clean is much more easier and thanks to enclosure use of the chemistry is significantly reduced.
2. ENVIRONMENTAL PROTECTION. The product is friendly to your garden and the environment.
3. PRIVACY. With pool canopies you can enjoy the comfort and privacy.
4. DECOR. Canopy can be an elegant addition to your garden decor.
5. MORE FUN IN THE WATER. Outdoor swimming pool allows you to enjoy the time and relax in the water, not only in the summer.
6. LESS POOL CHEMISTRY. Pool enclosure can significantly reduce the use of the pool chemistry, which allows to take care of the health of its users.
7. SAVING energy which is required to heat the pool water.
8. POOL „LIFE” EXTENSION. UV protection, which is located in the enclosure coating can protect the pool. By reducing the impact of external factors to the structure, pool remains unchanged for a long time.
9. STABILIZATION OF THE pH VALUE. Acid rain, dust and insects can have a negative effect on pH level of the pool water. Pool enclosure helps to maintain proper pH value.
10. WINTER PROTECTION. Canopy helps to protect the pool against the harmful effects of frost.
11. SAVE YOUR TIME DURING THE CLEANING. Covered swimming pool is not as much exposed to pollutions as an uncovered pool.

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pool enclosures Basic


4 185,00 €
Basic +

Basic +

6 191,00 €
Basic ++

Basic ++

8 796,00 €


4 548,00 €
Premium +

Premium +

6 733,00 €
Palace Slim

Palace Slim

7 664,00 €
pool enclosures Palace slim +

Palace Slim +

11 026,00 €


26 460,00 €
pool enclosures Palace +

Palace +

34 780,00 €
pool enclosures Palace ++

Palace ++

42 562,00 €

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