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  • The time for using a pool is at end. The outside temperature makes us to close the swimming pool for the winter period. In order to do that properly we recommend you to follow provided manual. By following steps, which have been listed below You can be confident, that in spring you will be able to fully enjoy swimming and relaxation in your pool without any obstacles.  Firstly it is important to indicate that the way the swimming pool is secured during winter depends on technology used for the production of the pool. The description provided below is mainly for pools made of polyester but it can be helpful with pools made in a different technology as well.  First of all it is important to remember, that under any circumstances you must not drain all water from the pool basin. The pool should be emptied 10 cm below the level of nozzles or other elements placed in the swimming pool basin. It is a vital point, because remaining water counterbalances the soil pressing the pool basin.  IMPORTANT!!! All contaminations that dried out and sticks to the pool`s walls should be removed. If you don`t do so, in spring you will have to polish the surface of the pool. Once the water in the pool decreases below the level of inflow nozzles, you should turn off the pump and change the position of a valve to the right position – FILTER. As a next step you should open inflow valve leading to a skimmer, close the bottom outflow valve and then, just for a moment, you must turn on the pump to remove the excess of the water into to the pool. Once the installation is completely dried, those of You, who have machinery outside should take out the filter along with the pump and place it in a warm, dry place. In case of sand filters, the sand container should be dried as well. In a lower part of the container is a valve, which is used to dry the sand container. Use the pipe to drain all water.  Next step is to secure swimming pool basin. Into the water which was left it the pool, you should pour a proper amount of a preservative agent. The reliable agent is a fluid known as „Winter Fluid” – available at our company in very good prices! It prevents multiplication of algaes during the time when preservative agents are not used. Next thing you have to do is to cover the pool with foil (i.e. Horticultural tunnel foil), in a way that it touches the water surface and goes up along the pool`s walls. Rims of the foil should be secured from falling into the pool. If Your pool contains counter flow device, its pump should be taken out and placed in warm and dry place.  If you have obtained a pool roofing, covering the pool with a foil is not necessary, but it is vital to remember about immobilizing the roof on rails. Acting according to tips mentioned above, Your pool will be certainly secured for the winter period and will serve You in next, upcoming seasons. Please remember that presented information is only a short, brief version of a manual to properly secure the pool for the winter season. Detailed instructions are available at our dealers and in order to obtain them, just send an e-mail. Please contact us in any means necessary.  
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