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About us

Starting form this point all the companies that sell swimming pools no matter whether these are garden, polypropylene, internal, external or concrete pools, etc. companies write about this how long do they exist on the market, how many satisfied customers do they have and what great engineers and technologists they employ. The truth is that these are usually beautifully written lyrics and NOTHING ELSE!

Most of these swimming pool companies as you can personally can check the date of the companies foundation exist on the market from barely several moths, since one year or maybe two.

Well, in the text you can find information that the Company X is present on the market for several years. Probably not just one person can be fooled with such a information.

Honestly we suggest to improve the reliability of the information that you can find on the Websites of various swimming pools merchants.


Brand Pool4You belongs to PoolsFACTORY Group, such as StarPool, World of Pools and the  ExclusivePools. PoolsFACTORY Group started  with the StarPool Brand and since many years have been a leading and recognizable manufacturer of polyester swimming pools which have been delivered all over the world. This is confirmed by numerous real certificates received from companies with whom PoolsFACTORY Group cooperates. The certificates can be found at our website in the references section.


There were two main reaseons which steered us in the uprising the Pool4You Brand:

  1. Pool in every home!
  2. If anyone wants to buy their dream swimming pool cheaply, Pool4You gives you the chance to buy it for the lowest price.

With us you will get the lowest price guarantee (please send us a competitive offer - We will do BETTER!)


PoolsFACTORY Group is created by a group of people who have been working in the swimming pool industry since years and they know about the pools and  about related topics literally everything. So if you want to invest in a little bit of luxury for yourself and your loved ones you will not regret  turning to us. We invite you to take advantage of our wide range of garden pools, enclosures and swimming pool equipment, we are sure that everyone  will find something for themselves.

We are the only company, whose products obtained TÜV certificate.

Our models